Creativita’ in Leopardi’s hometown

Recanati 1About to head to the airport after another great family break in Ancona. Delighted to be invited by the Liceo (linguistico e scientifico) di Recanati to talk to some students last week on their Giornata Culturale about travel writing, culture and books. Most appropriate to be discussing those topics in Giacomo Leopardi’s hometown.

There was a great level of English among the students and most seemed very curious to learn about writing and the world outside.  Our wide ranging discussion included Pirandello, Anna Akhmatova, cultural patrimony, diaries/facebook and what culture and creativity mean for students today. I particularly enjoyed the emigration stories the students shared of grandparents and great-grandparents in places such as Argentina, America, Australia and Germany.

So thanks to all the students and the two teachers who invited me to talk – Ms. Nicoletta Talevi and Ms. Valentina Foschi. I also look forward to coming back later in the year to join a day being organised for teaching  staff from a number of schools in the Recanati area.

On a separate note – two very connected articles in today’s Irish Times on writing a first book and on the importance of creativity for people in education and the workplace.

Writing first book

Teaching creativity for modern workplace


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