Going Stateside

Travels with Bertha was reviewed recently by booklistsonline.com. See below for the review:

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Travels with Bertha: Two Years Exploring Australia in a 1978 Ford Stationwagon.

By Paul Martin. Nov. 2012.264p. Dufour/Liberties, $29.95

(9781907593420). 919.994.

The vast continent of Australia has every thing backpackers want: plenty of sunshine, great scenery, cheap hostels, and beer. The country even allows youths from around the world to take temporary jobs to finance their travels. Ironically, it was cold in Sydney when Paul Martin arrived from Ireland in June 1995- With the idea of staying a year and taking bus trips up the east coast, he found a bank job. For the first year, he saw little besides Sydney, but thanks to a governmental oversight, he overstayed his allotted time. In his second year, he bought Bertha, a 1978 Ford station wagon without air-conditioning, and drove her first through the outback and then around the continent, all with a revolving cast of companions. In this lighthearted travel memoir with a touch of history, Martin wittily recounts long, hot drives; stormy nights;countless bars; mechanical failures; and the generosity of strangers. A great addition to travel-narrative collections.

—Rick Roche

2 thoughts on “Going Stateside

  1. Just read Travels with Bertha and I really enjoyed it. Always wanted to visit Australia and NZ and could never afford to go (probably never will on our wages) so reading ” Birtha” made me feel like I was there sitting next to him. I also liked the little bits of history he slips into the narrative. Anyway, until I win the lotto I’ll have to read it again. The book was as good as Down Under by Bill Bryson. Hope he gets to visit Oz again sometime.

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