“An easy way to get to know Australia” – what the papers say…

In  recent review of “Travels with Bertha” entitled “AN EASY WAY TO GET TO KNOW AUSTRALIA”, the Bookshelf reviewer in the Tuam Herald wrote…

“My experience of the Australian outback is limited to one off-road trip to Lake Mungo, near the Victoria-New South Wales border. I remember the sense of wonder at being in such an ancient and unchanged landscape, especially in the silent hour around dawn before the electricity generator in the lodge I was staying in started up.

“Paul Martin has experienced those wonders a hundredfold, and he combines his descriptions of his travels, fleeting encounters with hitch-hikers or travelling companions for a few hundred miles, with reflections on Australian history, the way the country has dealt with the Aborigines, and its future prospects.

“If you are thinking of going down under, if you have a child or relative there, or if you are merely curious about this strange yet familiar, near yet far, continent, read this book.”

For the full article read – http://www.tuamherald.ie/2012/06/27/bookshelf-%E2%80%93-an-easy-way-to-get-to-know-australia/

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