What the readers say!

Listowel Travels Writers Festival is on this week and much to my chagrin I won’t be able to make it. So I’ll have to content myself with the comments that have come back on the book. It’s now out a month and I’m pleased to say that all feedback has been very favourable. Here are some comments….and, no, I didn’t write them myself. (My mother didn’t either!!)


– Hi Paul, I have to write and say how much I enjoyed your book. It was funny, informative, and a great story. I really liked the fact that you gave so much of the history of the country. I read it in two days and gave it to Dave straight away. Hope it sells lots. Am waiting for the next one

– Hello Paul, I read a little more of Bertha last night and would like to confirm my opinion that you’re a genuinely good writer!

– Paul, I’m half-way through the book and wanted to say I’m really enjoying it.  You got a nice mix of personal experience and insight, history and characters.  Are you working on anything else?

– Paul,  I just finished your book and I so enjoyed it.  I can’t find the right word for it but you conveyed how you felt in the desert and in the middle of nowhere and the peace you got from it in the end really well….Anyway the book is a little gem and hope you are getting lots of good feedback!

– Il libro e’ bellissimo! Mi piace molto come scrive!! Davvero!! Sia lo stile che gli agganci storici/culturali. Mi ha aperto una finestra su un paese sconosciuto e non ti nego che mi sembra di fare il viaggio dentro la mia testa…!!! (The book is fantastic! I really like how you write!! Both the style and the historical/cultural vignettes. It opened up a window to me of a country I don’t know and I have to say it gave me a sense of undertaking the journey inside my own head!!)

– Hey Paul, am really enjoying the book, very interesting and great writing – congrats

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