The price of cabbage….

…and some other things besides.

Well we all know that the Australian economy is thriving – certainly in comparison to most other countries – and that its currency is gaining ground. It might be good for Australia but it sure ain’t for travellers heading down and converting savings into local money.

The exchange rate is now about €1=$1.25 which is 100% worse than it was when I was in Oz in the mid to late ’90s. The exchange rate was then the equivalent of €1 = $2.5 so perhaps it’s no surprise that the cost of living is now so expensive Down Under.

The brother in law is still reeling from the cost in Sydney of a schooner (the New South Wales measurement for a beer – about 3/4 of a pint) at $5.50. So just for the heck of it…here’s a list of some of the prices I encountered at that time:

  • Schooner (beer) = Often $2 (during the very frequent and very long happy hours) and $3.50 otherwise
  • Petrol per litre = .70 cents (in Sydney) rising to the most exorbitant I came across at $1.15 (I won’t tell you where but as a hint..why not check out the chapter on the Kimberleys in Western Australia)
  • Hostel = $15 at the top end going down to $12 pretty much anywhere on the continent
  • Rent – $100 dollars a week for your own room in a shared house

But there’s still money to be made in them there hills in Australia and a good time to be had too so just work and play hard…and enjoy!

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